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1 February 1987

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name: tia-marie schaeffer
age: 19
sex: female
location: cincinnai/ohio
sexual preference: bisexual
dating status: taken
top 10 fav bands: clinical torment, terrorfakt, apoptygma berzerk, combichrist, msi, otep, android lust, controlled bleeding, KMFDM/MDFMK, vnv nation
top 3 movies: any hellraiser, the matrix, ...
contact: YIM = midnytemarez
email: midnytemarez@yahoo.com
website: neuroticnurse.com <-- working on a layout, check back in about a month
fav LJ community: null

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i love you LJ!

accents, adult swim, alice in wonderland, anarchist cookbook, anime, antique shops, astrology, autumn, bad influences, biomechanics, blankets, book stores, books, bubble gum ice cream, c.g. jung, chad michael ward, circuses, city lights, classical music, clive barker, clubs, coffee shops, cold tea, computers, conspiracies, cotton candy, crop circles, cuddling, dark ambient, darkwave, day dreaming, deep structure, disney, disorder, dreaming, early 90's, ebm, einstein, extreme body mods, fairs, family guy, farscape, flesh, fog, freud, gak, geeks, glitter, gore, goths, green eyes, gutter glitter, hellraisers cenobites, honesty, horror, idm, industrial, innocence, insanity, intelligence, kmfdm, knowledge, koala bears, laying under the stars, learning, lighting, linguistically oriented psychoanalysis, livejournal, london, m-theory, m.c. jones, marzipan, mathematical structure, memories, midnight walks, mind over matter, mind-fucking, mint milano cookies, modern physics, moonrocks, moshpits, my cat, mythology, neon colors, newton, night time, nightmares, onions, open minded people, order, otep, pain, passion, pbs, periodicals, perspectives, philosophy, piercings, pleasure, poetry, porn, primos, psychology, quantum chromodynamics, r.d. laing, rainbows, reading, revenge, rexlace, s&m, scars, sci-fi friday, science, science fiction, secrets, self amputation, smoking, snow flakes, snowcones, sour straws, space-time, starbucks cappuccinos, stargate sg-1, stars, stephen hawking, string theory, summer nights, synthetic hair, synthpop, tales from the crypt, the dark crystal, the discovery channel, the history channel, the never ending story, the outer limits, the wire twin cenobites, theology, theoretical physics, theories, thinking, thunderstorms, truth, twilight zone, vanilla, vinyl, web designing, weird people, whispering, winter mornings, world domination